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Martins is a major supplier of Cement Australia products in Australia.  

General Purpose (GP) - Cement can be used in most concrete, mortars and grouts in a wide range of applications. Available in 20kg bags, our GP Cement conforms to the AS 3972 standard

General Purpose Builders Cement - contains 25 per cent fly ash and can also be used in most concrete, mortars and grouts. With the addition of reactive fly ash, this product has the added benefit of producing concrete of improved workability in the plastic state and improved durability in the hardened state. Conforms to the AS 3972 standard

Off White Cement - is specially produced for highly visible decorative applications. This product can be blended with liquid and powdered pigments to achieve a variety of designer colours to suit your needs. Conforms to the AS 3972 standard.

General Purpose Concrete - is suitable for constructing pathways, small concrete slabs and footings for building projects.

Rapid Set Concrete - sets in 15 minutes and is designed for posts, clothes hoists and similar objects where a strength of up to 15 MPA is sufficient and where rapid setting is beneficial.

Mortar Mix - is formulated to provide a bond or bed between layers of brickwork. The addition of lime assists workability. It can also be used for laying blocks.

Bricklayers Clay - Used as a brick mortar additive.

White Cement - is ideal for applications requiring a decorative finish. It eliminates the addition of white oxide for use in grouts and renders where a premium whiteness has to be achieved; it provides a brighter finish when colour oxides are added.



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