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  • Mulching reduces the frequency that you need to water plants by reducing evaporation of water from the soil. It also reduces weed growth.
  • For best results mulch should be at least 5cm thick although 10cm is recommended for best results
  • Choice of mulches depends on personal choice. All mulches will eventually break down into the soil. Fine mulches such as Golden Pine and Eucalyptus will break down quicker than coarse mulches such as 50mm Pine Bark or Hardwood Chip.
  • Do NOT put black plastic over gardens as it reduces water absorption and stops oxygen getting to plant roots. Use a weed mat or layered newspaper instead of plastic.

Martins mulches are available in bulk or in bags

- MARTINS Range Bulk Mulches
Eucalyptus Mulch   A fine honey coloured mulch
Red Chip Mulch  A hardwood chip stained with a red dye
Leaf Mulch  This is the cheapest mulch and can vary in consistency from load to load
Hardwood Chip  Mulch made from hardwood, slow to decompose, long lasting
Pine Bark
Available in 15mm, 25mm and 50mm
- MARTINS Range Mulch Bags
Eucalyptus Mulch 
Red Chip Mulch 
Cypress Mulch 
Pea Straw Mulch 
Pine Bark Mulch 
Sugar Cane Mulch 

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